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Gogobeen iOS Application

The app to get you go-going

Plan, discover, save and share your adventures with your friends, partners and the world. Inspire a generation of travellers.


The Gogobeen project has been over 9 years in the making, the idea constantly evolving as the digital ecosystem has changed around us. Only now is there a full roadmap for Gogobeen, to fill a small hole in a massive industry for travellers the world over.


Make every trip the holiday of a lifetime

Gogobeen is a free application with plans to come to both Android and iOS that allows you to plan, record and share your trips using the experience of others with media from social networks.

Create trips that you’ve both been on and that you’re planning on going. Invite your friends to discuss plans, flights, events and more, upload and share media and leave reviews or recommendations for others travellers that are either planning or currently on their trip.

Application Features


Use Gogobeen as a research tool, with access to media including images, videos and reviews across a variety of networks you can plan trips and activities for wherever you want to go.


Create trips, memories, friendships and more as you travel the globe meeting like-minded people. Use Gogobeen to create travel logs so you never forget those precious moments.


Share your itineraries, photos, comments and more with friends back home or even people in your travelling party so that you can plan and create the perfect vacation together.


Leave reviews and insights of where you’ve been and where you think others should go to inspire and inform other travellers headed in your direction.


A diverse and growing global market

In an ever growing industry and the world being more accessible to us now than at any other point in history, Gogobeen fills a niche hole in the market for a travel based mobile application.

Within a year Gogobeen’s aim is to have an active userbase that is 0.01% of the 3 billion air passengers figure above (300,000) and develop a steady month on month growth.

Gogobeen’s primary market is that of longer term travellers (3 months+) and large groups travelling together but Gogobeen is an application with features that can be used by people going on long weekends or package holidays.


Project Status

At time of writing, iOS mobile application design is well under way with a view to developing prototypes in the near future. Gogobeen has been registered as a company and I am starting to look into ways to fund the project.

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